How to : Black on black summer

How to : Black on black summer
Despite of the fact that i am tropical born and bred, let’s just pretend that i could distinguish summer to any other seasons and dress differently during that time.The fact is, i don’t.But say i could get into the minds of the fellow sub-tropical people, and know what people would want to wear on brighter days. My best bet would be comfortable lightweight clothes, and sandals. Although i’d suggest them to ditch all the summer cliches, and opt for the all-black look instead. I’d also add some on point accessories like watches and sunglasses in the shade of white, as non-verbal cues for “no Ma’am/Sir, i’m not going to a funeral”.Also, one does not simply walk out the door without a structured, practical sling black to carry all their summer necessities.

Aaaand, DONE

Ezra faux leather purse
$28 -

Ella Doran textured rug
$1,795 -

An Old Friend

white denim, blue denim jacket, white t-shirt, red lips, defined browsUnattended yet undeniably, is how fashion took parts in people’s life that even innocent-8-years-olds are affected. Not even slightly aware of the reccurence of the grunge trend, or that John Stamos rocked denim jacket when he was the coolest uncle on TV, or even the fact that Britney & JT as a couple once showed up on AMA wearing top to toe denim, and generally any other cause of early 2000′s denim craze, a girl asked her mother for a denim jacket. All she knew that it looked cool and that all her friend seems to own a pair.

and to give this whole narration a little more context : this is the story of yours truly.

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The Ultimate Collaboration

ALexander wang x HMI mark the time when two of (then) the most influential musicians in my life, Westlife and Sherina teamed up to sing ‘i have a dream’ in 2001 as the highlight of my childhood. Fast forward 13 years later, the feeling can only be compared by putting the only two brand and designer i’ve dedicated a post specifically about in a collaboration.

Alexander Wang x H&M, is Westlife ft. Sherina hysteria all over again!

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tea plantation, puncak plateau, cisarua west java

To mark the end of the longest abandonment I’ve ever done to my blog,  firstly I must clarify that I am still breathing and alive.

Secondly, for the sake of your attention span, i’m going to cut the part where i explain how dementor-ish the sixth semester is, and skip along to my latest where-i-stands (beside the bermuda triangle of home-dorm-campus).

One morning last week, i wander around a tea plantation, pre-shower, sweating under the chunky knit i wore on such sunshiny morning, carrying no photography device better than a point-and-shoot camera several years behind the time, and no photographer better than my baby sister,

yet i regret nothing.

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Structured Tops (And a discount code!)

Imageshop the selection : kimono sleeve blouse: ezra via zalora / crop boxy shirt: 3.1. phillip lim / metallic sweatshirt: acne studios / leather shirt: tao of sophia

Coco Chanel once told “Fashion is architecture,and who am i to argue with that? Translated to this date’s design, some pieces of clothes are in fact not only created with high level of creativity but also the same level of architectural precision. Just take a look at those structured  tops above. How could they possibly have sleeves so precisely curved, edges so sharp, surfaces so sleek, necklines so perfectly concave, and at the same time fits into a human’s body? Advanced level of mathematical scrutiny, without a doubt.

And now for the good news! The lovely miss Sophia (from Tao of Sophia) just opened her new online store in which she sells handmade leather tops (which i personally have a huge crush on!). She also agreed to generously give my readers 15 EUR off for that item by entering a special code. Just put your e-mail address on the comment box below, and i’ll e-mail you the code right away. The discount is only valid until 8th of April. So, why wait?


full-body side - Grey log cardigan, Grey jeans, black suede platform heels, grayscale

There’s an ambiguous quality of the shades that lies between white and black. Such quality that makes them complements every other colors, including those from their own kinds. So when the rest of all my black and white clothes are piling up in the laundry, i decide that it might be okay to stay in the limbo.

No worries, your monitor screen is not broken. The lack of colors you see is due to an attempt i made to dress myself up in reminisce of old broken TV screen. Continue reading

Ultimate Wishlist

Ultimate Wishlist
  1. Nike Air Max in liquid silver is the closest i have ever got to love at first sight,
  2. 3.1 Philip Lim‘s bags are what i envisioned my ideal-self would carry from time to time,
  3. Stella McCartney‘s Jacquard Python dress taught me all i need to know about being detail-oriented,
  4. and yes,  i would love to have Acne studio’s Rita leather jacket in every colors the brand would offer, s’il vous plait.
  5. Lastly, i made an agreement with Alexander Wang that my first designer items i will ever purchase is one of his. Of course Mr.Wang himself doesn’t know that such an agreement exist, but that’s not a reason to violate it.

    Such are my tendency to romanticize pieces of clothing, but until the glorious day i’m able to call those babies mine… a collage must suffice.