DIY Studded Flats

Studs are everywhere this season. The shoes are studded, the shirts are studded, the bags, the headband, the bracelets, and pretty much everything are studded these days.  Studs can really give an edgy vibe to anything plain and i can’t help to fall in love with this trend. The good news about stud trends : it’s super DIY-able. Like these flats i made earlier, took me only about 15 minutes to transform this plain black flats into something more trend friendly. All you have to do is add some studs. That’s super easy, even for a DIY-Rookie like me.

Like i said, it’s super easy to make, but here’s a tutorial anyway…

you’ll going to need a pair of flat shoes, and some studs. Pliers are optional.

1. Start arranging your studs. I placed the first one in the center, as the outermost stud on my design.

2. Lay out your design. I decided to make mine to look like an arrow.

3. Using pliers or your fingers (If you have strong fingers that is), flatten the back of the studs. Make sure it won’t hurt your toes when you’re wearing the shoes.

4. Repeat the step on the other shoes.

Tadaaa! It’s a brand new shoes

And… we haven’t reach the best part yet. Have i told you how much this project costs me?

Black Flats : Rp 25.000

Studs           : Rp  3.300

Total cost    : Rp 28.300

Yep, that was all. Less than $3 for a brand new shoes! And does these flats looks $3? I don’t think so (well, they look at least $5). See? Totally worth to try!

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