Your Neck Meows! (DIY Inspo)

I nearly squealed when i came across this necklace while browsing under ‘cat’ categories on polyvore.Unfortunately, i found out that this necklace is sold on a UK-based online shop, which means… i have to pay an enormous amount of shipping cost in order to make it mine. Then i came to a conclusion : it’s an unrealistic purchase for me and it’s way above my budget *sobs*. But, being an amateur craft-maker that i am, i started to see everything in ‘hey, i can actually recreate it’ -way. In this case, i might not be able to buy the necklace but i’m going to make (something that looks at least like) one myself!

Since i’m that kind of person who suffers a chronic procrastination disease, i’m not going to promise when to post a tutorial on this necklace. But as soon as i have time to shop for the materials, and of course a spare time to make the necklace (which is very rare, for a student like me -i’m telling you…), i can say that a tutorial is on the way.

PS :  in case you’re wondering where to get the necklace, it can be found in motel
check out my polyvore page, ainihapsari, maybe? ;)

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