Oh, Rainy Days

Street style-Hanneli-Mustaparta-New-York-Fashion-Week-Spring-Summer-2013-umbrellaLook how pretty and graceful hanneli looks under the rain. Well, i have to say that reality isn’t that pretty. It started to rain everyday here in Depok and Bekasi. and it’s not that easy drizzly romantic kind of rain that left your clothes wet just slightly. It’s windy, harsh, and it left you soaked, even when you’re using an umbrella. with lightnings, and thunders too of course, to top it off.

If i have it my way though, this is how my ideal-self would dress during the rainy season…

rainy days

made with polyvore : here

my actual-self can’t dress like that daily of course. Instead of that, this is what i’m actually doing to deal with the rain

  1. bring an umbrella, anytime, anywhere, duh. i always bring the small one which can’t do much help for the heavy rain, but i can easily shove it into my bag. at least it’s better than nothing
  2. crocs may not be pretty, but let’s admit that they’re very practical. it’s the kind of shoes i wish i wear when i’m accidentally stepping on a mud or puddle, not one of those topshop boots. so yeah, wear them…
  3. wear rolled up pants. puddles and mud are enemies!
  4. make sure the bag is water proof. i don’t want to ruin my books and gadgets.

and that’s about it. how about you? what do you do to deal with rain? tumblr_m0dqdfK4DZ1rp3ej7o1_1280images : here

PS: today is actually the day i’m officially turning 20. Yes, it’s my birthday. Well, i feel old and blessed at the same time. And i just think it’s kind of odd not to mention about it at all in my own blog. But i’m not going to make a whole post about it either, so… there i said it…


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