It’s Getting Serious…

image from here, edited by me

For the NYE i accepted my friend’s invitation, and it turns out to be something i don’t regret. Her little party (even if she wouldn’t agree to call it so) consisted of a very small group of friends, families, and huge amount of delicacies (barbecues, soups, fried potatoes, and various kinds of snacks just to name a few). We spent the last few hours of 2012 bundling up on a sofa, eating barbecues, chatting, eating fried potatoes, gossiping, eating cakes, laughing, and eating snacks. Basically, we just eat, a lot. Right before midnight her father ignited some fireworks, and we all watch as it burst out through the night sky. Even though, too bad, some of our other friends who were also invited couldn’t make it, over all it was pretty good.

Unlike the other years, i actually have a resolution for this one. I didn’t even have it in mind, until i came across some sort of a video giveaway. It requires you to share what you’re looking forward to in 2013. And then i wrote…

“I’m looking forward to start a long term commitment whether by starting an exercise routine, maintaining my blog, joining an organization, or maybe getting involved in a serious relationship :)”

and just like that, i set my resolution for this year, almost spontaneously. It is in fact, what i’ve always been thinking about lately. That i’ve never been able to stick to something for a long time. While i believe that changes are  good, but now that i hit 20, i think its about time to settle on something, anything, even the littlest thing like waking up in the exact same time every morning.

And this post ended up way longer and more serious than i planned it to be…

Whew! that was alot, and it’s amazing to know that you’re still reading! Well, that was mine, how about your NYE, how did you spend it? And do you have any resolutions for this year? Let me know ;)

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