What Can You Do With Leftover Chains?

So, ladies and gentlemen, i may have a bad news. It seems like my favorite craft supply store is closed. Maybe it had to be moved somewhere else, but i haven’t find out where. So until i find another way to get supplies, my DIY desires had to be put down *sobs*

Anyway, seems like i can still make something with the only supplies i have left. And here it is! a piece of jewelry made as a desperate attempt to fulfill my DIY desire DSC00650Basically, i just cut the chains into various lengths, and make a pair in each length, except for the longest one. The longest chain will be placed on the center, and sequentially put shorter chains beside it. After attaching it to the necklace with jump rings, add some clear beads on each chains by knotting it with clear string. Lastly, add a clasp, et voila!

Making the necklace, i actually imagined it to be a bib necklace. But due to some of measurement errors (i don’t even use measurement tape, my bad), and lack of materials, it ended up looking like… i don’t know… jellyfish?

So… for you who might willing to recreate this look, here, let me preach :
1. Measure the length carefully to achieve a desired shape.
2. Use heavier chains or pendants so it will fall nicely around your neckline.

Despite of all of its imperfections, i still like how mine looks like. How can i hate it after i declared my love for the lucite accesories? In fact i’ve worn this necklace several times by now. I think it gives just the same amount of glitz as any other kind of statement necklace, but simple enough to wear on a daily basis.


So that was it! a piece of jewelry made as a desperate attempt to fulfill my DIY desire. Another proof from an old saying “when there’s a will, there’s a way“. How about you? Where do you usually get supplies for your DIY projects? And what will you do if your favorite store suddenly can’t provide you with supplies anymore?

PS : good news! i finally got a a DSLR camera two weeks a go. Well it’s actually my brother’s but he doesn’t mind sharing (good boy…). So, hopefully, that will help me to provide this blog with better quality pictures. If you notice from the pictures above, i still haven’t figured out how to play with lens focus. I still have so much to learn! But trust me dear, i’m working on it ;)

have a good day! :)

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