Runway Stalking : Bag Parade

Some designs are rather whimsical, while the other sticks to the timeless classics. Some are playing with vibrant, flashy colors, while the other are more subtle, and delicate. Some chooses to make a statement with clean, sharp, and structured pieces, while the other uses embellishment festively to grab your eyes. Either way, these are some of my favorite bags from spring runway 2013 fashion show collections. If, like me, your desire to own them can not yet be fulfilled, we can at least, feast our eyes.


First time i saw these bags i swooned.  I have long love the see through details. I’ve also love studs, chains and rhinestone for even longer. The fact that this collection has plenty of them is enough reason for me to instantly fell for it. But when we usually expect studs,  metals, and chains in edgier looks, Valentino manage to nail it perfectly without losing its signature femininity.

Anyway, if you’re interested to have your very own Valentino inspired purse (of course you are! aren’t you?) i have a good news for you! One of my favorite blogger, Aimee from Swellmayde made a DIY tutorial on how to make a beautiful studded clear clutch. Check it out!


Mulberry comes with various bags in beautiful sweet hues i’d like to call “blushy”. While sticking to the basic on shape, and colors, they play a bit with materials by adding textures like velvet, ostrich, and various kind of leathers. Their winning key lies on the versatility, and effortlessness of their design. I remember coveting their prior alexa bag, not because of its luxury, BUT because it looks perfect for almost every outfit i know. I don’t know if this is even a real thing, but these bags offers comfort. Something that you’ll always going to wear when you’re in doubt, something that you’ll always coming back to. Wow, wait, that sounds deep.


LANVIN BAGSLanvin went all ‘boxy’ with sharp and extremely structured bags. Combined with bold, minimalist hardware metal accessories, to me they look… pompous… in a good way. In a way that makes them looks so poise and makes you wants to own them so badly. Well sometimes words  just aren’t enough to describe. I’d rather sit back and savor its awesomeness.

MICHAEL KORSMICHAEL KORS BAGSMichael Kors emphasizes modernity in the whole collection. Color blocking, gold detailing, clean cutting – it rhymes and i’m not even trying! My favorite is the last one with two gold plate details. Minimalist style with proper accentuation will never go wrong.

Color blocking is back! This collection of Fendi suits to those who aren’t afraid of playing with vibrant colors, and embellishment. From what i’ve read, this collection gains a lot of positive reviews, and i can see why. Beside of their flashy colors that’s just about enough to grab attention, they also add some smart detailing like studs, and yes, of course, more see through materials! (yeay to that). The way i see it, these bags are those that can easily emerges love at first sight.


MIUMIU BAGSFrom what i know, Miu miu usually comes out with something bubbly, adorable, and quirky -high fashion wise, of course. When i saw the spring collection, i wasn’t sure what to call this look, but if i’m about to use a word, it’s going to be… rusty. Some are rather minimalist and clean, while the other looks like they just had been found in an antique store, or your grandmother’s old wardrobe. The crinkled leather details, and not so shiny metals, makes the worn and vintage feeling more convincing. And that, turns out to be what’s appealing to me. But honestly, i’d rather grab this kind of bag out of my grandmother’s wardrobe than having to pay a fortune that probably costs much more than my tuition fee  to get a miu miu version.

Despite of a review i’ve read about this collection is rather un-keen, i spotted some rhinestone details on some of those bags, and think that the idea of combining the worn look, and a little sparks is very smart. So then, i decided to myself that, yeah… i like it.

AKRISAKRIS BAGSThe first impression i get from these Akris bag is that they’re smart, and slightly professional ( if i don’t describe it well enough, maybe it’s due to my limitation of vocabulary). The sharpness reminds me of  suits that are timeless and elegant. Although may not be very casual, the simplicity of their design also makes them practical enough to wear on a daily basis. Size-wise, it’s absolutely what every girl needs because you can practically shove everything inside them. Which, in my case, will be books, umbrella, tissues, crinkled shopping receipts, notes, android, hand sanitizer, wallet, handkerchief, water bottle, and the list goes on… and on… and on… I’m not sure though, that people who actually owns them will have that kind of stuff inside their bags…

LV BAGSCheck it out! Because Louis Vuitton went all checkered out for this season (I know, a poor attempt of pun, but please just appreciate that i tried). Just like nearly every other pieces in their collection, these bags also came with checkered print. If others are either extremely flashy or extremely simple, LV bags went kind of a little in between, and that’s good, i guess…

DIORDIOR BAGSMinimalist look seems to make it big this year. Like many other brands, Dior also leave some of their bags sleek, and clean without patterns, or embellishments. When i saw the first two bag i instantly adore them. They’re so simple, feminine, yet modern. But the last two bags which i’d like to call ‘curvy bags’ is what people are talking about, saying that the tucked in waist detail creates amazing silhouette. Agreed! Because i personally think that there’s nothing better than a statement look that is not very striking, but just enough to make the look their very own.


Celine brought lunch bags to the whole next level. But while i wouldn’t want to carry a lunch bag everywhere when i go out, i’d happily carry these purse. True that they might be very simple, too simple even, but i just found that there’s something appealing about their simplicity. Maybe the fact that they can be easily thrown with any outfit, maybe because they’re just the perfect size to carry our clutters around all day, or maybe because they almost looks fluffy and i fancy the idea to carry around a snuggly bag all day. Okay, the last one is probably just me.

Anyway, my other favorite blogger Geneva from A pair and a spare kind of think that celine’s triple pocket is a great idea to organize stuff inside your bag, and she made her own amazing DIY version here.


The ever so classic brand, Chanel surprisingly comes out with things that aren’t very classic this season. Even the classic quilted flap bag plays around a little bit with symmetry and mixed colors. My favorite among this collection is absolutely the lego bag. It may not be very suitable for the classy ladies out there, but it certainly suits people like me who fancy mickey mouse printed t-shirts, and owl printed sweaters (I’m not talking about the price though, because in that case, we’re absolutely not meant to be). While the hula-hoop bag might be a little too wacky for my liking, if being playful is what Chanel aim to be, they absolutely nailed it.

Well, that was the longest post i’ve ever made! I really hope you guys enjoy it :)
So what do you people think about those bags? Any different opinions? Or maybe you know any other amazing bags collection from spring runway that i missed? Let me know what you think ;)

Image courtesy :, fashionologie, purseblog, elle

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