Dorm Decor Cheats

Hello people!

I know that i’ve been away for a little too long, and i know that it’s not a good thing if i really want this blog to grow bigger. But i’m not making any excuses this time. I just need to remind myself from time to time that maintaining a blog needs commitment, and girl! you better get committed to it! Okay now, i’m not sure if anyone would actually read this, sooo… let’s just get straight to the point!

The Wall

    Usually, we’re not allowed to paint or to make holes in the wall of our dorms. It makes decorating rather tricky. But no worries, here are some tricks :

  • Using some post-it, make your very own wall art, like the very simple heart shaped wall art below.

abd418afa003fe16645c1081afdb18ea via : pinterest

  • Make faux frames using duct tapes and scotch tapes.


via : the college helper

  • Wall stickers are very cute, practical, and it won’t ruin the paint once you decided to remove it.


via : apartment therapy

  • If your taste is shifting from time to time, this idea is great. You can hang clipboards on the wall, and clip whatever is appealing to you, and change them anytime you want. (Instead of using nail, you may need to use stick on hooks to hang them on your dorm wall though…)


via : decor8

  • I’ve seen this everywhere, but you can absolutely do it in your dorm. Display your art, photos, or even to-do list by pinning it with clothes pin.clothespin-display

via : the weekend home maker

The Desk

  • Make decorations from cardboards, and spray it with spray paint. Nobody will notice that it’s a cardboard anymore.

ispydiy_apt5via : i spy diy

  • Use binder clip as photo holder, and display it on your desk.


via : real simple

and well, that’s pretty much it for now… FYI, i’m actually in the middle of dorm room decorating project myself. The progress i’ve made this far is re-organizing the desk, and framing three of my own drawings. If this project turns out any good, i might post some of the result here…

4 thoughts on “Dorm Decor Cheats

  1. njiyeee di-like 12 bloggers kyuwkyuw haha.
    eh tapi emang bagus sih aini, meni kepikiran buat pakai paper-clip sama stiker begitu. jadi pengen nyoba :”

  2. Ainiiii .. wahhhh blognya bagussss bngtt!! xD ini post-nya juga WOW bngtt haha
    jadi kepikiran pengen bikin blog juga dehh.. :’)

    • WINDAAAA :D makasih ya udah mampir :’)
      hehehe, masa sih bagus? ini masih amatir bgt, tp yaaa lahamdulillah deh kalo bagus. Yuk bikin blog juga yuk win, mila juga punya loh… hahaha

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