Feel Good Sunday


This week, i’m going to sum up and post pictures about things that makes me feel good (while looking like a freak taking pictures of everything everywhere, i really hope it’s worth it).

By making this post, i’m not trying to say that “hey! my life’s so interesting, people! You better take a look!” No. In fact, it may not be interesting at all. But i just want to try to appreciate good things that happens, no matter how ordinary it may seem.



lari pagi



1. Managed to get my stuff color-sorted. Big achievement for a slacker like moi / 2. Went to a cafe in town, splurged on a delicious cinnamon roll that costs twice as much as my usual meal. And it was totally worth it! / 3,4,5. Joining on a ‘fun running’ event held by Jakarta’s famous radio station. It was really fun, healthy, and it brings up a good cause too. Another highlight of the day was we actually got interviewed by a local news. I’m curious how awkward i’ll look like on that news.

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