A Tale Of a Bad Cook

So this is, my friend, is a story of how i always fail in cooking…

Just few moments a go, my mother asked me to help her cook for lunch, and i mess it up by adding too much salt. And that’s pretty much a picture of how my cooking experience has been this far. There will always be something that isn’t right.

Spaghetti bolognaise

nothing wrong with this spaghetti, it wasn’t bad neither delicious

During my gap year between school and university, i started a new hobby : cooking, and photographing it. Back then, i cook every once in a while, and no matter how good or bad the food turns out, i took pictures of it. I just thought cooking is somehow satisfying. Just like hand crafting, drawing, and any other forms of DIY-ing, the joy of creating something from the scratch makes me feel proud about myself. That’s why at that time i feel the need to document every- single-one of it.

even this not-so-good-looking fettucini carbonara

even this not-so-good-looking fettucini carbonara

When i make things, i rarely follow the rules. I like to do some experiments by giving twists here and there. That applied to cooking as well. The thing is, in terms of cooking, i certainly have no talent at all :

I was trying to make a gravy one day, and surprisingly it turns out great… at first. But then a wild thought pops inside my head and says “Hey, let’s add few drops of lime here, bet it’ll taste fresh and fantastic”. So i did add few drops of lime and, no, it’s not even close to fantastic. The gravy tasted sour, awful, and the lime overcame all other flavors, just yuck.

Grilled chicken

this is a photogenic one, while the taste falls between okay and so-so

These things don’t stop me from trying though. Because in few other attempts, even though still far from perfection, the food are at least tolerable. The last thing i cooked from scratch was a macaroni schotel. I personally think i don’t add enough salt into it, but my friends kind of liked it. So, now i still like to cook whenever i have time. And i think -and hope- i’m only getting better.

Steamed tofu stuffed with beef

Fried chicken fillet

Banana, honey, and cinnamon toast

What do you think? Do they look convincing enough to you that you might actually eat them? I hope they do…

I'd love to hear what you think

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