Psychological Test Hits The Runway


When i came across this collection on the internet, i adore them almost instantly. They may not be from the latest fashion runways (they were, in fact originated back in 2012 spring runway which makes them : so last year… literally), but as a full-time psychology student (and a part time fashion lover), i value them way more than just as fashion pieces. The thing about this collection is, not only they are so aesthetically pleasing, but they were also inspired by rorschach ink blot test. Seeing something i saw only on my text books turned into beautiful fashion pieces gives me goosebumps.

133063-dion-lee-rafwink blotink blot dresssachinbabinecklace1sachinbabi6fd1e1de8ecddca758a988367ffeca7d

Now the last photo is nowhere adorned by rorschach ink blots. But do you realize that the shirt says ‘blue’ while the written text is in black? Now that one probably comes from another psychological theory called  stroop effect.

Readers, right now i’m taking my victorious moment that two of the things i’m most passionate about are synchronizing…

image source : 1&2, 3&4, 5&6, 7

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