Attracted To Shiny Objects


Seems like it’s becoming a habit of mine to make this kind of posts whenever i have too much things undone. I just really need to use some distractions. This week had been crazy, and we’ve only got three more weeks until this semester ends. So, instead of actually doing what i should really be doing, i went online window shopping. And this time i just can’t take my eyes off these shiny pairs of shoes. Well, i’m a just a girl after all…

silver flats




shoes : asos, h&m, zara

Oh, by the way, is there actually another more appropriate term for ‘online window shopping’? Because i just used it. And it sounds weird…

Have a good day everyone! :)

7 thoughts on “Attracted To Shiny Objects

  1. These shoes are metallics done well. The last heel in the second row, I think it’s a Zara (?), I love the ankle strap. It’s a heel I would definitely wear:)
    xo, Jackie

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