Black – White – Neon


As much as i love black and white, i can’t help to be tempted by some pop of colors. And by color, this time, i refers to neon. While wearing a whole outfit in neon might be painful for the eyes  tricky, adding some neon details is actually a very clever trick. Plus, it’s perfect for summer (not that it really matters where i live, since it’s pretty much summer all year long).

Anyway, here goes some of my inspiration. And brace yourself, since there are a lot of them. Enjoy!
la-modella-mafia-Fall-2013-fashion-week-street-style-trend-Celine-bags-4tiger-eyesneonSTREETFSNheelstimthumbla-modella-mafia-New-York-Fall-2013-fashion-week-street-style-Miroslava-Duma-At-Prabal-Gurung-via-vogue2street_style-look-outfit-black_white-sandals-zara-blazer-red-jeans-hair_bun-sport_chic-trendy_taste-1~look-additional-bigneon bagwhiteblack leather1345515571neon-shoes-yellow-street-style-look-fluor-collagevintage-1white furla-modella-mafia-Black-and-White-2013-trend-Anna-Dello-Russo-in-Saint-LaurentNEONEYELINERBEAUTYBRIGHTYELLOWBACKSTAGEFASHIONBEAUTYBLONDENUDELIPSINSPIRATIONFASHIONBLOG2black whiteaureostyle_streetstyle_outfit_white-shoes_-zapatos-blancos_14jewelrytumblr_lx9beiHmNJ1r7ls8jo1_5006_multi-colored-french-tips

Among all of these inspiration photos, the one that really drags me into loving the black-white-and neon thing is actually the second photo of a tiger with green eyes. I’ve had that photo in my laptop for quite a while now, and still can’t get over how fascinating it is. I might even want to print it and hang it on the wall. Credit to whoever took it, it’s amazing!

I might also want to give credit to one of my favorite blog at the moment, The Fashion District. Because just like me she loves everything in black and white, but this outfit really blows my mind. She absolutely pulls neon perfectly, thus dragging me even further into loving neon details.

images : 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20

That’s it for now. Now i need to run into some other unfinished tasks. Till next post! :)

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