Lazy Weekend – Stripes



Two more weeks until this semester ends, and i’m counting down everyday. I know this is wrong, especially when the final exam is right in front of my eyes. But i’m already imagining the days i can just roll around in bed all day doing nothing. And while spending the days like those, what can one possibly wear? The answer is : Stripes. For me, stripes is something i always run into. Because i don’t even need to think, they’ll do all the work for me.
Here, i’ve gathered some stripes inspired photos, which, somehow reflects the lazy vibe i’m feeling right now.


With not so much effort, see what stripes can do? They won’t ever be a let down.
As for myself,  what do i wear when i’m too lazy picking up clothes and wants to look nice at the same time? breton top, for sure…


I hereby declare that stripes are slacker’s biggest hero!

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