Hello readers!

I have a specific type of skirt i’m considering to buy right now. I don’t even know what they’re called, but they are mini skirts covered with a layer of sheer fabric that somehow turns them into a maxi skirt. Maxi-minis. That’s going to be their name, if i have it my own way.


If i managed to get the right one, it’s actually going to be my first real attempt to dress myself in an experimental manner. I planned to pair them with a bomber jacket i get from a thrift store that looks awfully similar to this :


A bomber jacket and a skirt!? Well, i believe that i’ve wrote about my love towards style-clashing several times before. You know, managing to have an classic-ecletic; feminine-androgynous; glamorous-tough; vibe all in one outfit.

The maxi-minis are actually a manifestation of clashing styles itself. It has the playfulness of  the minis but also have the elegance of maxis. For all the people out there who has commitment-issues with skirt length, this hybrid skirt might do wonders for you.


The sequin slit skirt (last one) is by far my favorite. See how it screams ‘femme fatale’ all over it? But as much as i like it, i’m not sure if it’s the right one for me, as i’m pretty sure that i’m going to be more comfortable wearing the number four.


So lovely readers, if i’m asking you (and i fully trust your fashion knowledge and/or intuition), which one will you suggest? ;)

8 thoughts on “Maxi-Minis

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  2. The sequin slit skirt is my favorite too!! The sequin is such a surprise as compared to other skirts :) LOVE IT!

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