Maxi-Minis VS Sheer Maxi Skirt


I’m going to give you all a very vivacious ‘HELLO READERS!’ as my semester break has officially begin! *imagine myself grinning while typing this* :D
My final exams this semester ended yesterday and now i’m as free as a bird. Even though to say that i’m going to be lying. Honestly, i chose to be involved in some non-academic activities around my campus and it surely will keep me busy during the break. But that’s absolutely fine, since i’m pretty sure that i’m going to have fun doing it. Besides, i’ve planned out some other activities i’ll do during the break like joining summer camp, re-decorating my room, blogging more intensively, going on a beach getaway, and the list goes on and on.
One of those plans being attending a Fashion Week held by my University. I already have an idea on what to wear to attend the event, and that includes a skirt that i made a whole post about : here. As for my inspirations, here they goes…


1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/for more inspo visit my pinterest board

People simply called them ‘sheer maxi skirt’. Though i’m still going to go with maxi-minis as that describes them better and sounds a lot cuter. I also have several reasons for that…
One of my most favorite fashion source, Refinery29 called maxi sheer skirts as a  “Trend You Bound To Regret“. At some point, they do become too daring (and by that, i mean… underwear-baring). And from what i see, something’s too daring rarely stays too long until they stopped being trendy. Took only several years until what once was cool turns completely ridiculous. That was why, instead of a sheer maxi skirt i prefer to call them Maxi-minis, as long as they have a decent amount of mini skirt uderneath that is. For this pieces, i predict, as long as maxi skirts and mini skirts stays, they also will. What do you think?
Phew! Now that’s a lot of topics i shoved into one single post! So thank you for reading, and till next post! ;)

10 thoughts on “Maxi-Minis VS Sheer Maxi Skirt

  1. I’ve tried on a couple maxi-minis but they don’t look good on me. I do however like the look, just not on me!lol All of these are great choices, just love the third look!
    xo, Jackie

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