For The Love of Gold, Animals, and Childhood


It’s been a while since i posted anything DIY-and-decoration related. So finally, here goes another ;)

Spray painted toy animals? Oh, how original! I know a lot of people has done this already. But seeing a pile of unwanted toy from maybe-a-decade-ago, begging to be loved again, i must give this DIY a try. Actually, i’ve been wanting to do this since i posted ‘Why Didn’t You Start With These DIY Already‘ back in April. Yeah! Why didn’t I, indeed? But just to give you the idea, that’s how good bad i am at procrastinating.

These toys were once forgotten and nobody wanted them anymore. But after some coats of gold spray paint, voila! They transform into cute table displays. Who can resist some golds anyway? I can’t…

But I decided to leave Mr.Lion’s and Mr.Skinny Horse’s color as it is. They have this cute neon yellow and pink tones that adds nice pop of colors.


The funny thing about them is… it’s kind of difficult to put them together without looking like they are going to attack each other with their wild animal pose. The two pictures above took a lot more efforts than it looks like. I have to try all kinds of arrangements until they look normal standing side by side.


I mean, just see the photos above. The first one looks like two tigers confronting a poor Mr. Rex while Mr.Giraffe stands awkwardly not knowing what to do. And the next photo looks like some kind of an action movie where Mr. Ant is threatened by Mr. Rex whom is also threatened by two tigers. I imagine them each holding a gun and yelling “Don’t you dare to shoot, or i’ll shoot!”  Except of course for the awkward Mr.Giraffe who has no idea what to do and decided just to throw a judgmental face.

Hm… okay… these toys are meant to be played after all, right?

Until next post! :D

4 thoughts on “For The Love of Gold, Animals, and Childhood

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