Femme Fatale

Femme fatale : An attractive and seductive but ultimately dangerous woman


Vastly popular on the film noir era, these female characters are often portrayed as dangerous, and charming villains, with bodily features that exaggerates femininity (curves that kills, luscious red lips, eyes like a vixen, lashes that could cause a tornado, you name it!)
I’m not sure whether an amelioration has taken part, but my view on this concept might be a little distorted. Now whenever i hear the term, any characters that Angelina Jolie played in her movies instantly pops into mind. Lara Croft, Evelyn Salt, Fox, Mrs. Smith, and so forth. Not only charms and physical appearance that put me flat to the ground, the other things they have in common are inhuman body coordination, insane skill in handling weapons, and mostly, expertise in the fields that are male-dominated.
Here are some inspiration to channel femme fatale inside every one of you.

femme fatale3efbfd406866540d122ea7dd933f62f512AngelinaScreen shot 2012-04-20 at 2.55.12 PMGiselleshoesadriana

Though possibilities are strong that some characteristics possessed by the femme fatale are signs of personality disorder, i have to admit that i still think they’re kind of cool. And please, admit that you also do! If it isn’t so, why would this tutorial about how to be a femme fatale even written? In fact, there were times (usually right after i finished watching action movies) when i really look up to them.
The way i see it, you don’t need to be able to aim your gun right on target (while wearing a skyscraper stilettos and thigh slit gowns that is) in order to be one. Despite of their twisted personality, and sometimes not so virtuous actions, these women are strong, powerful, elegant, confident, smart, capable and insanely beautiful. And those are the qualities that are worth to emulate.
Or maybe, this, again is a part of my distorted understanding.

modern femme fataleredmodernstiletto

Speaking of a woman you don’t want to mess with, remember that i’ve mentioned to be involved in some non-academic activities around my campus this summer? Long story short, the part i’m taking there requires me to be more aggresive assertive, powerful, capable, and has also be dangerous at times…pretty much… femme fatale? And don’t you dare ruining my excitement! That’s the closest i might ever going to get to those figures…

Till next post! :)

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