Healthy For Dummy

feel like treating yourself with an ice cream today? Why not trying this delicious and healthy recipe? Blend frozen bananas and strawberries, add some milk (dairy or non dairy), and then blend them out!

banana strawberry

pardon the crappy gif

Okay now… what is this all about?

For the past few months i’ve been trying to be somewhat a healthier person. I drink water more than i usually have, i try to switch my meals to healthier options, and of course, i’ve also been doing home work out… sometimes. But no, i’m nowhere a healthy lifestyle saint. I cheat more than once a week, and skip my workout every now and then. Not really someone you can look up to in terms of  a healthy lifestyle adherent… hopefully, just yet. But there are two Youtubers that really inspires me to go on with this habit, and hopefully they will inspire you too. And they are :

  • Cassie Ho from Blogilates
    On her channel, we’re going to see a lot of pilates work out that we can follow right at home. What i like about her is, she really communicates with us during the workout. I’m always surprised how she always say “no, don’t stop” right when i’m about to give up. It feels like she’s right in front of me and can see what i’m doing. As much as id doesn’t make sense, it keeps me going. Not to mention that she’s also hilarious. She makes working out so fun, i managed to finish a single work out at first try. cheers to that. Beside that, she also gives some delicious clean recipes on her channel. The Banana ice cream above is one of them.
  • Kassie from Cloudy Apples
    She’s a gorgeous girl from Canada, with organic lifestyle. Basically she shares her knowledge about healthy living, and her beauty secrets. She’s also very knowledgeable in this area.  I trusts every single facts she said because all them are always based on research. That way, you really know that you’re in a good hands. And again, this girl is so funny, you’re going to enjoy watching her videos.

Anyway, what’s with the name Cassie being a healthy lifestyle guru?

Besides those two, there are also these videos that i find helpful :

Very well, then, gotta get moving! Till next post!

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