If you’re reading this, then i’ll probably be in Salatiga, Central Java, for a Ramadhan camp. That, and no access to the cyberspace. So chances are, i’m whether  busy finger painting with kids, entangled in the middle of French-accented English conversation with my new friends, or snapping my camera to almost everything i could find. Fortunately, i managed to schedule a post in order to get to you, despite of my departure.

And here it is, a project that starts when i clumsily nudged my table mirror, causing it to fall all the way to the floor, and broke into pieces. And here’s all that remains. True story.


I decided to breath a new life into it, by turning it into a real life pinterest. But instead of using pin, i used tape. So here it is : stickterest (or as normal people might put it, an inspiration board)

I used tape instead of  pin because  i don’t want to get committed to any certain arrangement. By using tape, if i want to move these pictures around the next day, it will be just as good as new. I’m also very much inspired by  love aesthetic where i’ve seen photos are displayed by sticking it to the wall using silver duct tapes. Unfortunately, i can’t seem to find any silver duct tapes, so instead, i spray painted a regular masking tape. The frame is also originally brown. So, as you might have guessed, it does have some spray painting treatments too.
Yeah right, you might as well wrap some spray paints as my birthday gift…

DIY Inspo Board

I might act like people with OCD sometimes. I prefer to arrange my favorite pictures in shipshape fashion. But if you don’t really feel boxy or if you need another inspiration for your inspiration board, Here goes some…


Lastly, i would like to say happy fasting to all fellow muslims out there! remember not to binge during the sahoor and breakfast (it applies to me, mostly).
See you soon!

images : 1/2/3/4/5

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