So… I Heard You Like Cats?

For the past few years, designers has taken ‘catwalk’ more literally. Cats are invading their catwalks. Well, not literally… but, you’ll see them portrayed in a lot of their designs. If you spend a lot of your time on the internet, you’ll realize that more than ever, cats nowadays might be in their closest status to they were in Ancient Egypt. Maybe this is the reason catwalks are called cat walks in the first place. Because fashion lovers are cat worshipers?

To merge your love for cat and fashion, there’s no need to go all ‘crazy cat lady’. Unless you’re walking on Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fall 2013 Runway of course. Here’s how translate your love for feline friends into four different types of looks


Like a black cat, if looking intriguing is something you’d like to achieve, then wear something like graphic cat eyeliner, and the soon to be iconic Brian Lichtenberg’s ‘Feline Meow’ sweatshirt. This way you’ll show off your love for feline friends without looking like a cat-human. Leaving a lot of rooms for people to interpret it themselves, and isn’t that exactly the point? edgycat eyefeline


Cats has been invading the internet for years because people can’t resist their fluffiness. Translating it to our look, the most fool proof way is by wearing a cat printed sweaters. Famous bloggers like Hanneli and Kely Framel of the glamourai had also been seen rocking the opening ceremony cat sweater. Some other thing you can try is wearing cat themed accessories. Cat eye sunglasses, cat bags, cat eared beanie, and i’ll be a fool if i forget to mention Charlotte Olympia’s Kitty shoes on this list. Now go on and find out if people start to find you ultimately adorable too.Purrfluffsweaterfflaff-tileaccessories


Want to look bold, powerful, and daring? Maybe slightly intimidating? Think of the big cats. Dramatic cat eye sunglasses, dashing leopard prints, bold make up, and you’re ready to roar.



Think of all the graceful king and queen of the jungle. Think of all those kitties in the mansions. Think of Karl Lagerfeld’s pet cat named Choupette. True that cat’s other charm are their grace. Try to reflect them into your looks by wearing something classic like Christine Centenera’s cat eye sunglasses, or crystal embellished cat ear headband. For this look, you’d want to look like a million bucks without being over the top.catttcat hats-tileclassy

This is an entry to IFB projects #111 Get Fancy With Feline Inspired Fashion

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