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My passion for fashion might blossomed a little late. Around my 18s i took a gap year which gives room for things i wasn’t paying much attention at before. Fashion is one of them. By that time, i started to purchase edgy shoes, fancy embellished tops, and many other on-trend pieces that are -in the end- will never be worn. Why? Because those pieces are stunning, individually. But there seems to be no acceptable way to match them with the rest of my wardrobe.
After years of research (by stalking fashion blogs and online magazines) I finally come to a conclusion that the key to look effortlessly fashionable lays on the wardrobe essentials. It’s all about choosing the basics. Keeping everything in the closet mix-and-match ready.

So now let us start everything from the top. I’ll place these 10 basic items on the top most of the ‘must have’ list :


1. Striped Top ; 2. White Button UpBreton TopWhite Shirt


1. Perfect Fitted Jeans ; 2. Slouchy PantsJeansSlouchy Pants


1. Leather Jacket ; 2. Blazer

Leather JacketBlazer


1. Classic Black Pumps ; 2. White Sneakers ; 3. Everyday Handbag

Black PumpsWhite SneakersHandbag


1. Statement Necklace

Statement Necklace

Note the importance of paying close attention about the quality of these items. These versatile pieces are investment worthy because you can wear them million times. For some items, breton top, and leather jacket for example, the vintage ones are probably the best. But for other items like blazer, shirt, and shoes, visit your favorite store right away which will provide you with best quality brands.
After everything, now the formula is simple, just mix any items on this list, and you’re good to go ;)

images : 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11

7 thoughts on “Essential Talks

  1. great post ! I really try to buy things that I need and I allway think of other items in my wardrobe while shopping whether it will match others. I am sure that You will wear them One day

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  3. It’s so true, a wardrobe of quality basics means no more “what do I wear?” moments. I really like the pieces you’ve chosen here.

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