Hideous is The New Lovely

The pants
Once upon a time, a shred on your beloved denim pants would be a good call for the next shopping session. Once upon a time, someone would be made fun of for wearing his Grandfather’s shoes. And once upon a time, one easy way to portray a girl who ‘wasn’t very pretty’ in movies or TV shows would be by giving the character a pair of full bushy eyebrows. There was once upon a time…
Now, people get them all, on purpose.huge eyebrowsHideous SweaterLunchbag ClutchDistressed DenimSweater
Every time i see someone wearing an outfit that includes something like a boyfriend jeans, or an over-sized jumper, i’m so intrigued. They are ugly but somehow they fascinates me. Then i look around and see that what i feel here might happen more collectively. So maybe we’ve come to the time where people are searching beyond the conventional beauty for something to admire. And that can only mean two : 1. the spectrum of what is going to be called beautiful and good-looking has widen, or 2. just as their nature, those things are imperfect, people just enjoy being intrigued more than they ever was. Either way, my grandma might not agree if i start wearing distressed denim pants, but i’m fully embracing that idea.
any thoughts?

images : 1/2/3/4/5/6
an a nod to the infamous men-repelling fashion guru for the inspiration behind this post

4 thoughts on “Hideous is The New Lovely

  1. Hey Aini,

    New reader on board! Saw your comment on Geneva’s blog and decided to check you out. Have completely fallen with your fashion posts!

    Hope you had a great Hari Raya Haji! :)

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