First Outfit Post


It took me quite an awfully long time to finally come out with an outfit post. Although having no time and no worth-displaying-outfit being my main issue, to be honest, i just don’t want people i know in real life to talk about it (Yes, if you’re my friend from uni, or a family member, and you’re reading this, i’m talking to you). It’s just… i feel uncomfortable if someone i actually know come up to me  and say “haha! i read your blog yesterday!”.

Why? I don’t know… maybe i’m just weird like that.

This afternoon though, I finally got a rare kind of spare time which allowed me to shot some outfit photos. So, heck! here it is, a couple of awfully noised photos, taken by my brother, right before it got dark. Enjoy

a gif, just because i look less awkward in sort motion

a gif, just because i look less awkward in sort motion



Striped Tops : Pasar Senen
Long Cardigan : 
My Grandmother’s
Black Denim Pants : Unbranded
Black Watch : Ice Watch
White Sneakers : Zalora

11 thoughts on “First Outfit Post

  1. I feel you! When people come up to me and say that they know about my blog, I feel so embarrassed… Maybe it’s because we put so much effort in it that we don’t want people to criticise such an important thing to us. :)
    Anyway, you look really amazing, please do more outfit posts, we’d love to see them! :)

    • True! And partly because i wouldn’t want people i know in real life to start giving me label based on how i dress. In the other hand, i don’t mind sharing outfit post to strangers who happen to have similar taste in fashion since i don’t mind if they judge me based on my style and my taste only.

      And aren’t you just the sweetest! I know this isn’t perfect but yes, there will be more outfit posts to come since i won’t get any better if i don’t practice. Thank you so much for your support Eda! <3

  2. I have EXACTLY the same sentiments. I don’t mind strangers reading up my looks and all but if its someone I know/close with, I’ll feel really awkward and shy. It’s the reason why I’m not that active/open about my outfits on fb. haha , and love how you work those long coat! Absolutely adorbs <3

    • Before i wrote this, i thought i’m the only person who claimed to be a fashion blogger and felt like this. Good to know that other people had experienced it too :)

      and thank you! glad you like it :D

  3. I think your grandma’s sweater looks really good. I always love vintage pieces and I wish I had something of my granny I can have and to wear. :)

    Amazing outfit btw!


    • She hand the cardigan down to me quite long a go, but not until the sleek silhouette is back on trend i know how to wear it right. Vintage pieces are tricky like that but sure are fun!

      And thank you very much :)

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