Sweater All Year Long

aFew days a go, thanks to my friend Beatrix, i was able to attend one of the small event in Jakarta Fashion Week as her plus four. Given a chance to show up at such event where you can express your personal style –like half-shaving your head and dyeing your hair tangerine, or wearing outfit in the most  eye pricking colors– without getting any judgmental stare, i grasped the opportunity by wearing:


In my country, where the sun is shining not any dimmer at this time of the year, my tendency to keep on wearing sweater might be quite questionable for some. But let’s just name things that a sweater could give : comfort, modesty, simplicity, and a nonchalant-chic impression. If i should pick an item to describe my style, then sweater it would be (with striped top as the closest contender).

Here i’m trying to recreate the outfit i wear while attending Jakarta Fashion Week. Excuse the lousy angle and some photobombing actions done by the pipe and the power jack. I shot this in my tiny, frumpy rooftop where my brother and i really need to squeeze ourselves for every shots.



Anyway, would you believe me if i tell you that i get this sweater for less then $1? Rp 5.000 to be exact (you can google it for the exact conversion. Seriously though, do it and you’ll be surprised). Yes readers, that’s what you can get from a shopping session in Pasar Senen. All hail  thrift shopping!

Sweater : Vintage (Pasar Senen)
Maxi-Minis : Unbranded (Depok Town Square)
Platform Shoes : Unbranded (La Piazza)
Black Watch : Ice Watch
Jewelries : Grosir Fashion Online

32 thoughts on “Sweater All Year Long

    • Thanks Sandra!
      Oh you did? then you must know very well how awfully hot a day over here can be. But sweater keeps me from shivering inside a room with AC, so it must be good :)

      thank you for commenting!

  1. I’ve been trying to find places to thrift shop around Asia, maybe you can post a couple of shops or areas to take a look around?

    BTW, I love the sweater look too but I think I will die of dehydration if I were to wear a sweater in this non-raining season yet. Hahah.

    • the biggest and the only one i know in Indonesia is called pasar senen, and i don’t really know the other places to be honest. but great suggestion! i might post about it next time :)

      hahaha! don’t worry, you won’t die wearing it :p The one i wear here is actually pretty lightweight, so here i am, still alive :p

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