Links à la Mode for The Spookiest Time of The Year

This is the first time i got featured on the IFB weekly links à la mode, i don’t even know how to make a proper introductory opening. So i guess a “TADAAA!!!” (with triple As and exclamation marks for dramatic effect) will do.

Yeah… it won’t

Well… since you all probably still in the Halloween euphoria, go on and read on! There sure will be some interesting posts perfect for the holiday reading. And since i don’t celebrate Halloween, i’d probably do some read through too. Just to get a little glimpse of the halloween madness.


Creatures of the Night

The first of the “Holidays” is finally here. Halloween. While everyone has their favorite holiday, Halloween is special for fashion lovers. You can be anything you want for an evening, dress up, freak out, and party down. If you put off your costume until now, this special roundup has excellent last-minute costume and DIY ideas. Some of my personal best costumes have come literally 45 minutes before I headed out for the night. Of course you’ll be wanting to take good care of your skin through all the costuming, with great tips for night skincare, Halloween beauty you can wear all year and when you’re out late tonight, you’ll want to speed up your routine tomorrow morning.

Live well, be safe, and have a wonderful Halloween!

Links à la Mode: October 31st

SPONSOR: Shopbop Men’s Arc’Teryx Veilance, MCM, Hudson+Bleeker, Morning Warrior, Ela Bags, Coast-Wide, Micah Cohen, Sarah Magid, Nina Ricci, Latest from East Dane


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