milla jovovich, daft punkAs i was overhearing a techno music playing on my brother’s mp3 player through the door, It occurs to me that i actually enjoyed it. Generally, i’ve come to notice my new found interest in pretty much everything futuristic. I was once a self-described preppy but now everytime i saw pieces with metallic silver and highly structured details, i am having a visual feast.

After the jump, there will be a little bit more than a healthy dose of ultramodern awesomeness, and you’ve been warned

Side effects might include an obsession of living in 2100s or compulsion in collecting anything metallic…

sheer structured top gloria coelho silver eyelids makeup futuristiccracked textured sweatshirtilluminated crystal futuristic shoes holographic coatgeometric heeles futuristic shoesNow now, what will be a better representation to a good futuristic music and aesthetic than Daft Punk?

Upbeat music is one of the thing they have, but other than that, they also serve a visionary, aesthetically pleasing appearance. I mean… those sharp suits and those iconic visor. Ugh…

Some features on Vogue, and various photoshoots featuring the most smokin’ models like Giselle Bundchen, Karlie Kloss, and Milla Jovovich is also a legit proof to that.

milla jovovich, daft punk photoshoot

I am now having an inspiration overdose.

Are you?

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