Dangerous Distractions

8Just a quick reality check : I should really be studying for final tomorrow.

But just like another post blog-post period, i have managed to find another object to obsess over. This time, it reflects a lot of light. Nothing entirely new if you know me. But that object (and recently Tom Hiddleston) is a trigger to “OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG”-moment, which is harmful if occurs anywhere during final week.

Since writing will get things off my mind and help it wander less… So fingers… now dance!

7133Sequins might have been overly associated to holidays just as much as floral prints to spring. But since i have no holiday party to attend in the end of the year, (my idea of new year’s eve is watching fireworks -which could probably be the ones on TV, and then eat) i can assure you that my obsession on sequin is not season-related. Even though i do spend too much time on pinterest where people post holiday related pictures at this time of the year…

wait, maybe it is…

Either way, the end of this final week is a good excuse for any form of festivity. I’ve imagine to indulge myself with some good sushi, movie marathon, chocolate, and (insert random things that makes me happy). Sequins might also be a good call. 

and now back to the child psychopathology text books.

fecbf0d6c5b59464fcdd3486be06937d hiddleston tom

seriously now, GO BACK TO THE TEXT BOOK!

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