Spoiled Tropical Kid’s Problem

Gosong Sekati

Now that i practically passed out mutiple times a day while the rain is pouring outside, it’s almost hard to believe that just few weeks earlier i was completely out in the sun. Sandy hair and feet (sometimes even eyes); building –what supposed to be, but looks nothing like– sand castles; loosing myself in seafood feast; wandering around the shores looking for coral, seashells, or anything worth instagrammed for; all the exact contrast of curling in bed wearing socks and sweater.

In this gloomy and rainy January,  the proof that i was not only dreaming about the beach are some never-seem-to-be-fading tan lines. Which i wholeheartedly hate…

and some photos, along with that…

Pulau Pramuka Kepulauan SeribuPulau gosong sekatiKep Seribu Jakarta IndonesiaKepulauan SeribuKepulauan Seribu SnorkelingGroup photos pulau tengah kepulauan seribublurredPulau Tengah Maladewa - Stripes & Denim

Like most tasian*, i cringe to even the slightest idea of sunbathing. Reason number one : sun heat induces sweat and neither comforting nor relaxing in any way. Reason number two : i like my tasian skin tone exactly how it is, and instead of giving it healthy looking glow, sun causes discoloration and turns it into unhealthy muddy hues. I’ll shut my whiny thoughts right now but that’s what you can also be, if you live where i live. A spoiled tropical kid. We take sunshine for granted and much prefer to hide under the shades during the days. True story.

Oddly enough, we cherish the idea of spending days at the beach. Of course in order to avoid getting tan we need to be armored with layers of SPF 30++ sunscreen –which mainly functions as a placebo. So, along with tons of wonderful friends i worked with for a year, off to Kepulauan Seribu we went.

During our stay, we hopped between five beautiful Islands. Pramuka Island, Gosong Sekati Island, Tengah Island, and two other stunning uninhabited islands which names i forgot to ask. They were all equally splendid and serene for the tourist season has passed it peaks. Even our chatter and camera clicks sounds louder than anything else. And boy we do take a lot of pictures! Those white crisp sand, and vibrant blue Java Sea are the best kind of backdrop that we wouldn’t miss a chance to immortalize our memories of it. We then snorkeled (at which i squealed seeing an actual anemone and clown fish), contemplate, explore, and blabber that one day we’ll have our own resort on one of these gorgeous island. Apparently, in our 20’s we still are kids with dreams.

Now those, I better not take for granted at all…

*Tasian = Tan asian. A term first introduced to me by reading Margaret Zhang’s witty and inspiring blog post about Asian’s skin color culture. Read more about it here

Photos by @annabellewenas,
myself @ainihapsari,
and a lot other friends i randomly bother with “please take a picture of me right here and right there”.


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