Virtual Reality

half faceThere were days when i tumblred through the nights, and now i spend all day building a dream home upon a thousand home idea pins. For that reason, if only online hoarding was a paid job, i’d probably be rich.

Internet allows us to see places we never visited, collect clothes we never owned, hang out with celebs who never knew we were alive, and feel the moment we never experienced. Basically creating the life we never had. Although that life only lies within millions of codes in the virtual world, it feels satiating enough that we prefer to  sit in front of the monitor all day instead of actually make our way to it.

Yes i do that, and i plead guilty.

bisa 6red lips black and white outfitDETAILLipstick is a part of my virtual reality. Through digital images, i know what color suits what season, what shade suits what skin tone, and what hues shows up on runway, but in real life, i stick to sheer-worn lip tint and/or lip balm. Despite not actually feeling (mentally) old enough to wear lipstick, a curious little girl inside me –who once upon a time, saw her mother applying one– just wanting to know how it’s like. So 15 years later, here i am playing with one of my mother’s,

and now i know.

And i also know that maybe not until in my late twenties would i be ready to integrate this to my daily look. Otherwise, i wouldn’t find out, wouldn’t i?

So a mantra we should bear in mind, dear fellow citizen of the virtual world, is this :


Lipstick : Wardah 
White long sleeve top & Jegging pants : Unbranded (ITC)
ShoesUnbranded (La Piazza)
Watch : Vintage GUESS (Pasar Senen)

13 thoughts on “Virtual Reality

  1. What you said about the internet is so accurate! But it also makes us go completely crazy and crave for more and more sometimes. I feel you about the lipstick too, I feel 10 years older when I wear it, but you totally rock it. Such a simple yet elegant look. :)
    Have a nice one!

    • Indeed, internet is pretty much an addiction. By the way, i do not agree that you look 10 years older when you wear lipstick, you look gorgeous and that’s all.

      PS: your sweet comment might just reinforced me to wear lipstick more often in the future. Hahaha. Thank you ;)

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