Barely There


I love and cherish the idea of statement jewelries. But if i try to count my blessings, being graceful and coordinated are certainly far off the list. There’s a chance for me to get tripped or get tangled on my own enormous blings. So for those times where efforts seems to be overrated in terms of dressing, dainty jewelries will still give a hint of feeling like a lady, while still sets our movements free. We might even forget it’s attached somewhere on our body, but everyone can still see.


braceletringsstud earringsdainty

images : 1/2/3/4/5/6

14 thoughts on “Barely There

  1. OMG, it does rhyme!!!:D I definitely prefer the smaller, less conspicuous jewelry to large, possibly life-threatening humongous pieces.:) The earrings from the 5th picture are my favorite!

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