“Umm…, that’s very nice Mom, but, you know… I don’t actually wear  jewelry”, was my first thought, when I received a dainty white gold bracelet –completed with tiny heart shaped pendants which induces me to purse my lips a la Miranda Priestly— as my 18th birthday present. Despite of passive-aggressively declaring “Mom, I would rather get myself another shoes than a fine jewelry”, i wore that bracelet anyway. And later, I have to admit that my mother indeed, knows best.

4xx5Just like what she did on my 18th birthday, my mother would just show up with dainty gold bracelet or ring she bought for me. “To make you more womanly,” she would say as she asked me to put those jewelry on. And then, after several occasions, –where she specifically asked me to wear them– almost all those jewelry left abandoned in their box, and she knew about that well. She knew, but still, she came back with a pair of silver earrings for me on the next occasion.

The thing about precious metals is, they stay exactly in the same shape and luminosity no matter how long I have abandoned them. They also stay just as precious and valuable the first time i got them as they probably will be several generations to come. And along with my slowly shifting taste, i’ve worn the bracelet long enough that now without the tingling sensation it gives while slipping down my wrist, I feel naked. It took some times until I’ve grown to love it and have built an attachment to it, yet it looks just as sparkly as the first day i received it. If my mother got me shoes instead, it probably won’t be the same. Hence, she wins.

Those jewelry are no longer just pieces i used to distaste but ended up to be something i wear all the time. Its timelessness and durability has grown to make it as an investment, a reminder, a memory,

a legacy.

Or, as Sherlock Holmes put it, a sentiment.

Got any yourself?

similar to mine :

written on collaboration with : Gemporia

7 thoughts on “Sentiments

  1. You know my bracelet! Been wearing it since I was 3! Wait until you wear your bracelet for 17 years and it becomes one with your body. Even though mine is not made of precious metal, but it’s still precious for me.

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