“Live Your Legacy”

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Who doesn’t have a fair share of  cheap metals and DIY jewelry? But let’s be fair, those things rarely lasts and would lost its appeal through times. Lightning-bolt-shaped pendants, and spiked bracelets might be edgy, for now. Of course if we’re lucky, the trend will reoccur but chances are huge for our grandchildren to put them under “100 silly trends of 2010s”.

In all exact contrast, a delicate princess cut diamond necklace might not be the talk of the town, but it sure will gracefully pass the test through times. Both physically, and aesthetically. The selection above are of beauties you can pass on for generations. They will conserve your stories and your memories just as long as they gilsten.

They do not cost you the earth either.

Because otherwise, what’s the point?

0.48 Ct Ethiopian Tangerine Opal Sterling Silver Necklace
Songea Green Sapphire Necklace
White Topaz Necklace
0.33 Ct Princess Cut Diamond 9k Gold Pendant Necklace
Rose De France Amethyst & Diamond Sterling Silver Necklace
Yellow Diamond Necklace in Sterling Silver

Written on collaboration with : Gemporia
A jewelry brand i give my full support on by showing responsibility towards environment and community.

5 thoughts on ““Live Your Legacy”

  1. wow! your blog is beyond amazing! great layout and pictures…such high quality. you should be very proud!

    would love you to give me some advice on my blog as im trying to improve it!


    • That’s probably the nicest compliment i’ve ever received about my blog and i am genuinely flattered. Thank you so much girl! :) and i will absolutely check out your blog

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