Ultimate Wishlist

Ultimate Wishlist
  1. Nike Air Max in liquid silver is the closest i have ever got to love at first sight,
  2. 3.1 Philip Lim‘s bags are what i envisioned my ideal-self would carry from time to time,
  3. Stella McCartney‘s Jacquard Python dress taught me all i need to know about being detail-oriented,
  4. and yes,  i would love to have Acne studio’s Rita leather jacket in every colors the brand would offer, s’il vous plait.
  5. Lastly, i made an agreement with Alexander Wang that my first designer items i will ever purchase is one of his. Of course Mr.Wang himself doesn’t know that such an agreement exist, but that’s not a reason to violate it.

    Such are my tendency to romanticize pieces of clothing, but until the glorious day i’m able to call those babies mine… a collage must suffice.

NIKE lace up shoes
$210 – net-a-porter.com


10 thoughts on “Ultimate Wishlist

    • Thank you Raissa! In that case i’d have to say that it takes one to know one ;)

      I really wish i can, but unfortunately i just can’t purchase them now. It’s great that you already have a pair! I’ll treat them like a treasure if i were you. And i really want to see how you’d style them too!

  1. You’re seriously like my fashion twin (does that even make sense?), I LOVE everything in this set. I’ve been longing for an Air max myself for a long time now and I just keep on saving more :D and oh my, I saw that Jacket somewhere and fell in love with immediately. Perfect wish list, I hope you get all of these someday! :)


    • That ABSOLUTELY makes sense! I often feels like some people on the blogsphere are my style multi-plets and that we were separated at birth. You might be one of my lost multi-plets. Hahaha

      Oh yes let’s wish that someday we’ll have our wardrobe filled with those babies!

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