full-body side - Grey log cardigan, Grey jeans, black suede platform heels, grayscale

There’s an ambiguous quality of the shades that lies between white and black. Such quality that makes them complements every other colors, including those from their own kinds. So when the rest of all my black and white clothes are piling up in the laundry, i decide that it might be okay to stay in the limbo.

No worries, your monitor screen is not broken. The lack of colors you see is due to an attempt i made to dress myself up in reminisce of old broken TV screen.


Gray long cardigan : My Grandmother’s
Gray tank top : Unbranded, ITC
Washed gray jeans  : Unbranded, Tanah Abang
Shoes : Unbranded, La Piazza
Watch : Vintage GUESS, Pasar Senen

19 thoughts on “Grayscale

    • Indeed, they rarely does. Haha thank you Eda, well i’m not sure about that but we both sure love conservative hemlines (hence the long and loose cardigan). And right back at you!

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