The Ultimate Collaboration

ALexander wang x HMI mark the time when two of (then) the most influential musicians in my life, Westlife and Sherina teamed up to sing ‘i have a dream’ in 2001 as the highlight of my childhood. Fast forward 13 years later, the feeling can only be compared by putting the only two brand and designer i’ve dedicated a post specifically about in a collaboration.

Alexander Wang x H&M, is Westlife ft. Sherina hysteria all over again!

Alexander Wang Satchelglow in the dark, alexander wangcut out boots alexander wangParental advisory sweatshirt lexander wang on georgia may jaggerAlexander wang metallic heels loafershardware bagsmarble printsI thought it won’t be until in my 30’s while i’m at the peak of my career would i be able to fulfill the agreement i made with Mr. Wang. But soon it is affirmed that i am no good at making future predictions. Putting the notion of taking a management class aside, H&M has a serious game embracing Alexander Wang  for the upcoming Fall/Winter collection. All i know is i’m more than ready to save up some space in my wardrobe for some infusion of Wang’s signature cut outs, marble prints, anything that glows in the dark, a witty statement sweatshirts, or hardware inspired accessories. Also, there are six months left for saving up, as well as practicing self-control, in order not to get broke after the collections comes out.

November 6, 2014. I’m beyond excited.

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2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Collaboration

  1. Beautiful page! Absolutely love everything about your blog… I am just starting out so it is so inspiring to view and admire blogs which are already established. You should be very proud :)

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