Ironically Dark

black top black leather skirt

While this, and this, might indicate that i am a member of black glorifying troop (with Emmanuelle Alt, Victoria Beckham and Sara Donaldson as possible comrades), i have far less experience in wearing black from top to toe compared to my experience in cramming as many words as possible in one single sentence.

And while one could easily be mistaken to run away from black tie event or a funeral wearing more formal options, wearing top to toe black in a more normcore arrangement is the secret to be street style savvy. Also, only few more clothing set-up left could preach normcore louder than black on black, half tucked top, low pony-tail, and pairing a skirt with slip on shoes. Although in my case, the shoes is glittery, and the skirt is in shiny leather. It has to.

Because the irony of something dark, but at the same time reflects a lot of light,

I like it.


And also, a quick snap of the current state of my hair length, before a little chop i’m about to get next week. Because if i suddenly get a doubt, it’s good to remember how long my hair has grown back since last October.

Top & Leather Skirt : Vintage, Pasar Senen
Glitter Slip-on Shoes : Airwalks, Payless
Dainty Double Pearl Ring : DIY


15 thoughts on “Ironically Dark

    • Hahaha itu pucet ya :’D efek BB cream ber-SPF sih, yang bikin muka jd terang kalo difoto

      Your relationship with black is… non-existence? Kan lo punya steady relationship sama orange. Or is there something i didn’t know about?

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