Personal List on Living Through a Pandemic


Nothing fluffy. Just keeping on a list of what keeps me sane. Some people cook, read, having a deep conversation with their loved ones, or bingeing on series. While those are the things that I enjoy in normal circumstances, I surprisingly found those triggering during these times. So here’s what I’ve been doing:

  • Taking a shower every morning
  • Doing my skincare routine
  • Doing yoga for 10 minutes every morning
  • Put on my favorite perfume
  • Putting on makeup even when I don’t go anywhere
  • Setting up a fixed time to work
  • Setting up a specific table as my workplace
  • Writing
  • Coloring, without being committed to it
  • Watching youtube videos
  • Taking care of a stray kitten and her mother
  • Admitting that this is a hard time
  • Getting in touch with my feelings
  • Accepting negative feelings as the new normal
  • Blocking all the advice ‘to stay positive and stay productive’
  • Venting out and crying to those who would listen every now and then

I will keep updating this, and if you’re willing to, please do share yours as well.

I'd love to hear what you think

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