Just Put it Simply

It's that Simple-2

Googling for quotes is part of my day job. One day, aimlessly browsing through ‘inspirational quotes’ to be made as social media content, I stumbled upon an article about Richard Feynman, a physicist nicknamed ‘The Great Explainer’ because he managed to explain the concept of the universe with a glass of wine. It instantly got me intrigued. I only ended up reading that article and didn’t actually dig too deep, but boy did that spoke to me on a spiritual level.

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1It feels as if i only turn my head for one second, and the next thing i know it’s already June. I was taking a little break and the next thing i know I haven’t really post anything real on this blog since October. I wast also just a freshman in university with exciting view of life, and before i know it, my thesis is due in several days. It’s thrilling to experience how fast time flies. So, in the midst of writing my final thesis and freshly chopped hair, i would like to say hello. Again. Continue reading


full-body side - Grey log cardigan, Grey jeans, black suede platform heels, grayscale

There’s an ambiguous quality of the shades that lies between white and black. Such quality that makes them complements every other colors, including those from their own kinds. So when the rest of all my black and white clothes are piling up in the laundry, i decide that it might be okay to stay in the limbo.

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So… I Heard You Like Cats?

For the past few years, designers has taken ‘catwalk’ more literally. Cats are invading their catwalks. Well, not literally… but, you’ll see them portrayed in a lot of their designs. If you spend a lot of your time on the internet, you’ll realize that more than ever, cats nowadays might be in their closest status to they were in Ancient Egypt. Maybe this is the reason catwalks are called cat walks in the first place. Because fashion lovers are cat worshipers?

To merge your love for cat and fashion, there’s no need to go all ‘crazy cat lady’. Unless you’re walking on Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fall 2013 Runway of course. Here’s how translate your love for feline friends into four different types of looks


Like a black cat, if looking intriguing is something you’d like to achieve, then wear something like graphic cat eyeliner, and the soon to be iconic Brian Lichtenberg’s ‘Feline Meow’ sweatshirt. This way you’ll show off your love for feline friends without looking like a cat-human. Leaving a lot of rooms for people to interpret it themselves, and isn’t that exactly the point? edgycat eyefeline

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If you’re reading this, then i’ll probably be in Salatiga, Central Java, for a Ramadhan camp. That, and no access to the cyberspace. So chances are, i’m whether  busy finger painting with kids, entangled in the middle of French-accented English conversation with my new friends, or snapping my camera to almost everything i could find. Fortunately, i managed to schedule a post in order to get to you, despite of my departure.

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Gold Madness! (10 Use Of Gold Spray Paint)

This post is a part for IFB Project #100

Spray painting seems like an easy way to update everything. Especially when it’s gold. Just a few spritz away until an objects looks 10x its actual worth. Few days ago i try this technique myself, and now i’m obsessed! Since then i’ve spray painted anything i could find. A hanger, some toy animals, an old shirt, and a mirror frame. I’m not going to lie, some of them fails. But the other turns out pretty amazing! If you’re interested to try, use your gold spray paint for these 10 interesting DIY


For The Love of Gold, Animals, and Childhood


It’s been a while since i posted anything DIY-and-decoration related. So finally, here goes another ;)

Spray painted toy animals? Oh, how original! I know a lot of people has done this already. But seeing a pile of unwanted toy from maybe-a-decade-ago, begging to be loved again, i must give this DIY a try. Actually, i’ve been wanting to do this since i posted ‘Why Didn’t You Start With These DIY Already‘ back in April. Yeah! Why didn’t I, indeed? But just to give you the idea, that’s how good bad i am at procrastinating.

These toys were once forgotten and nobody wanted them anymore. But after some coats of gold spray paint, voila! They transform into cute table displays. Who can resist some golds anyway? I can’t…

But I decided to leave Mr.Lion’s and Mr.Skinny Horse’s color as it is. They have this cute neon yellow and pink tones that adds nice pop of colors. Continue reading

Why Didn’t You Start With These DIY Already? (5 Easy DIY To Try)

First of all, the title is 100% addresed to myself. So, lovely readers, i have no intention in telling you what to do or whatsoever ;)

Lately, i’ve came across a lot of DIY ideas on the internet, and my hands starts to get reeeeaalllly itchy. I haven’t made anything for a very long time! Some of these DIY i’ve been wanted to do are actually very easy. That gets me wondering, “why didn’t i start it already?”


painted tees

I’ve been wanting to get these witty pieces for quite a while now. But as versatile as they can be, i still think that… ‘for God sake it’s just a t-shirt, why does it have to have that amount of money on the price tag?!’. Considering that plain white t-shirts and fabric paint are all it takes, i should probably get started with this project. Continue reading