If you’re reading this, then i’ll probably be in Salatiga, Central Java, for a Ramadhan camp. That, and no access to the cyberspace. So chances are, i’m whether  busy finger painting with kids, entangled in the middle of French-accented English conversation with my new friends, or snapping my camera to almost everything i could find. Fortunately, i managed to schedule a post in order to get to you, despite of my departure.

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For The Love of Gold, Animals, and Childhood


It’s been a while since i posted anything DIY-and-decoration related. So finally, here goes another ;)

Spray painted toy animals? Oh, how original! I know a lot of people has done this already. But seeing a pile of unwanted toy from maybe-a-decade-ago, begging to be loved again, i must give this DIY a try. Actually, i’ve been wanting to do this since i posted ‘Why Didn’t You Start With These DIY Already‘ back in April. Yeah! Why didn’t I, indeed? But just to give you the idea, that’s how good bad i am at procrastinating.

These toys were once forgotten and nobody wanted them anymore. But after some coats of gold spray paint, voila! They transform into cute table displays. Who can resist some golds anyway? I can’t…

But I decided to leave Mr.Lion’s and Mr.Skinny Horse’s color as it is. They have this cute neon yellow and pink tones that adds nice pop of colors. Continue reading

Dorm Room Lighting : Icicle Lights


as faux headboard slash wall art frame (via: instagram)

I’ve seen this trick everywhere in dorm decorating department. One of my friend has already done this. Her room turns out really good, and i really like the idea of it. My roommate and i had discussed about re-decorating our room for several times, and have agreed that icicle light is definitely a yes (… the way i say it makes it sounds serious…). Of course, not only the light itself is very cheap and can instantly give our room several notch up, but there are also soooooooo many possibilities on how to arrange those pretty little things. Here are some of my inspirations. Enjoy! Continue reading

Inspiration : Dorm Room Make Over

Entering the fourth semester, I’ve been living in my current dorm room for about a year. Six months ago, my roommate moved in, and we’ve been sharing the room ever since.

Our room has everything we need. It’s big enough for the two of us and all of our stuffs. It’s even big enough for our friends who wants to come over and hang out. Not to mention that it’s also very comfortable. We don’t mind spending all day just laying in our beds when crazy hectic days have passed, or simply hiding from cruel Depok sun light.

It’s also so strategically placed. Locating very close to the campus and the main street, it is also surrounded by a lot of food stalls, laundry services, internet rentals, stationary stores, etc. (you name everything a university student might ever need). Oh, did I mention that all of the prices are student friendly too?

This is the ONLY decorated part in my dorm room. A poorly executed wall sticker tree above my desk. Please excuse the ugly clutters. I tried to blurred them out in this photo, but it doesn’t seem enough to hide them. oh well…

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