Pseudo Pearl Rings

Pseudo pearl ringsNo pain doesn’t always result to no gain. Exhibit A : DIY rings that took less time to be made than a cup of instant noodle, turns out to be the simplest, cheapest, easiest, and most favorite DIY that i have ever done. The (lazy) DIY (for dummy) tutorial, right after the jump.

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If you’re reading this, then i’ll probably be in Salatiga, Central Java, for a Ramadhan camp. That, and no access to the cyberspace. So chances are, i’m whether  busy finger painting with kids, entangled in the middle of French-accented English conversation with my new friends, or snapping my camera to almost everything i could find. Fortunately, i managed to schedule a post in order to get to you, despite of my departure.

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Gold Madness! (10 Use Of Gold Spray Paint)

This post is a part for IFB Project #100

Spray painting seems like an easy way to update everything. Especially when it’s gold. Just a few spritz away until an objects looks 10x its actual worth. Few days ago i try this technique myself, and now i’m obsessed! Since then i’ve spray painted anything i could find. A hanger, some toy animals, an old shirt, and a mirror frame. I’m not going to lie, some of them fails. But the other turns out pretty amazing! If you’re interested to try, use your gold spray paint for these 10 interesting DIY


What Can You Do With Leftover Chains?

So, ladies and gentlemen, i may have a bad news. It seems like my favorite craft supply store is closed. Maybe it had to be moved somewhere else, but i haven’t find out where. So until i find another way to get supplies, my DIY desires had to be put down *sobs*

Anyway, seems like i can still make something with the only supplies i have left. And here it is! a piece of jewelry made as a desperate attempt to fulfill my DIY desire DSC00650 Continue reading

Your Neck Meows! (DIY Inspo)

I nearly squealed when i came across this necklace while browsing under ‘cat’ categories on polyvore.Unfortunately, i found out that this necklace is sold on a UK-based online shop, which means… i have to pay an enormous amount of shipping cost in order to make it mine. Then i came to a conclusion : it’s an unrealistic purchase for me and it’s way above my budget *sobs*. But, being an amateur craft-maker that i am, i started to see everything in ‘hey, i can actually recreate it’ -way. In this case, i might not be able to buy the necklace but i’m going to make (something that looks at least like) one myself!

Since i’m that kind of person who suffers a chronic procrastination disease, i’m not going to promise when to post a tutorial on this necklace. But as soon as i have time to shop for the materials, and of course a spare time to make the necklace (which is very rare, for a student like me -i’m telling you…), i can say that a tutorial is on the way.

PS :  in case you’re wondering where to get the necklace, it can be found in motel
check out my polyvore page, ainihapsari, maybe? ;)

DIY Studded Flats

Studs are everywhere this season. The shoes are studded, the shirts are studded, the bags, the headband, the bracelets, and pretty much everything are studded these days.  Studs can really give an edgy vibe to anything plain and i can’t help to fall in love with this trend. The good news about stud trends : it’s super DIY-able. Like these flats i made earlier, took me only about 15 minutes to transform this plain black flats into something more trend friendly. All you have to do is add some studs. That’s super easy, even for a DIY-Rookie like me.

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