A Glimpse of My Two Weeks in Salatiga


bonjour readers! I’m back!
I felt reluctant having to leave Salatiga and go back straight to my real life. It was barely a holiday since i was there to be a volunteer on a project. But since i really enjoy my time there, why wouldn’t it count as one?
Being at home also mean that i can blog again, so at this point i only  hope that you’re just as excited as i am (well, do you? do you??). Here’s some of the photos to sum up my two weeks in Salatiga. Enjoy!

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as i’m typing this, i still haven’t done packing for tonight. Yes, for the next two weeks, i’m going to be in Salatiga for a work camp project. I’ve got some posts scheduled in the mean time, so stay tuned! :)
I do hope you guys are going to miss me, see you in two weeks!