Who’s The Fairest Of Them All?

who's the fairest

Hello… uh… lovely readers?

Normally, i just don’t think it’s right to attribute beauty with numbers, but then here i am… making a list of 10 most gorgeous models according to… well it’s a long story…

So, i’ve been given a group assignment and in short, it requires us to gather 25 women, that in our opinion, are beautiful. After that, each person in my group brings up five names, and rank them according to their appearances. After some petty statistical process, we’ve got our results.

So ladies and gentleman, here are the faces of 10 most beautiful models (in no particular order) according to us… enjoy…


As i said before, the list is made based on our opinion. In order to know whether our standards of beauty can be generalized to others, we’ll need to take a teeny-weeny little survey. So this will be the part where i’m … ehem… asking for your favor.

I need your help to choose five models that you think is the most beautiful.

Note that some of the models might be more well-known than the other, but here they need to be chosen merely based on their physical appearances, apart from their reputation, personality, achievements or whatsoever. So now, take a deep breath, and start choosing!

Thank you lovelies, i hope you have a beautiful day! :D

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