2019 Reflection


2019 was one hell of a roller coaster ride. I was convinced that I got behind in the race of life then realizing, life is not a running track. I ticked quite a bunch of ‘firsts’. My acne cleared up for one whole month then decided to come back. I also managed to save up for a trip to Japan but decided to save the money instead of going.

One resolution I did fulfill this year: to read more books. 1 per month to be exact. Only two of them are heavy reads, but at least 5 of them are quite profound.

All of them will take me to where I want to be. I am thankful that for the whole 2019 I get to work promoting something I really believe in: reading.

Image: Reading by the Edge of the Marsh. Dennis Perrin (via: tumblr)


Pick a Wang

alexanderwangxhm-runway--46-vogue-17oct14-pr_bNow that November 6 is approaching, i can already hear fashion enthusiasts all over the world chanting “AW x HM”* in unison. Yeah, that actually happens, or maybe it’s just me spending too much time stalking #AlexanderWangxHM on every social media platforms, until my consciousness gets all blurred out.

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How to : Black on black summer

How to : Black on black summer
Despite of the fact that i am tropical born and bred, let’s just pretend that i could distinguish summer to any other seasons and dress differently during that time. The fact is, i don’t.But say i could get into the minds of the fellow sub-tropical people, and know what people would want to wear on brighter days. My best bet would be comfortable lightweight clothes, and sandals. Although i’d suggest them to ditch all the summer cliches, and opt for the all-black look instead. I’d also add some on point accessories like watches and sunglasses in the shade of white, as non-verbal cues for “no Ma’am/Sir, i’m not going to a funeral”. Also, one does not simply walk out the door without a structured, practical sling black to carry all their summer necessities. Aaaand, DONE

H&M black viscose dress
$43 – hm.com

Ezra faux leather purse
$28 – theiconic.com.au

Ella Doran textured rug
$1,795 – heals.co.uk

The Ultimate Collaboration

ALexander wang x HMI mark the time when two of (then) the most influential musicians in my life, Westlife and Sherina teamed up to sing ‘i have a dream’ in 2001 as the highlight of my childhood. Fast forward 13 years later, the feeling can only be compared by putting the only two brand and designer i’ve dedicated a post specifically about in a collaboration.

Alexander Wang x H&M, is Westlife ft. Sherina hysteria all over again!

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“Live Your Legacy”

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Who doesn’t have a fair share of  cheap metals and DIY jewelry? But let’s be fair, those things rarely lasts and would lost its appeal through times. Lightning-bolt-shaped pendants, and spiked bracelets might be edgy, for now. Of course if we’re lucky, the trend will reoccur but chances are huge for our grandchildren to put them under “100 silly trends of 2010s”.

In all exact contrast, a delicate princess cut diamond necklace might not be the talk of the town, but it sure will gracefully pass the test through times. Both physically, and aesthetically. The selection above are of beauties you can pass on for generations. They will conserve your stories and your memories just as long as they gilsten.

They do not cost you the earth either.

Because otherwise, what’s the point?

0.48 Ct Ethiopian Tangerine Opal Sterling Silver Necklace
Songea Green Sapphire Necklace
White Topaz Necklace
0.33 Ct Princess Cut Diamond 9k Gold Pendant Necklace
Rose De France Amethyst & Diamond Sterling Silver Necklace
Yellow Diamond Necklace in Sterling Silver

Written on collaboration with : Gemporia
A jewelry brand i give my full support on by showing responsibility towards environment and community.



“Umm…, that’s very nice Mom, but, you know… I don’t actually wear  jewelry”, was my first thought, when I received a dainty white gold bracelet –completed with tiny heart shaped pendants which induces me to purse my lips a la Miranda Priestly— as my 18th birthday present. Despite of passive-aggressively declaring “Mom, I would rather get myself another shoes than a fine jewelry”, i wore that bracelet anyway. And later, I have to admit that my mother indeed, knows best.

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Barely There


I love and cherish the idea of statement jewelries. But if i try to count my blessings, being graceful and coordinated are certainly far off the list. There’s a chance for me to get tripped or get tangled on my own enormous blings. So for those times where efforts seems to be overrated in terms of dressing, dainty jewelries will still give a hint of feeling like a lady, while still sets our movements free. We might even forget it’s attached somewhere on our body, but everyone can still see.


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Flawsome Love


Due to lack of information about its historical background, I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day. A brief research I did on that matter –on the first page of google search result, five seconds before I wrote this– didn’t do much of help either. So if anybody know what happened once-upon-a-time ago that makes people decide to go all lovey dovey on that particular date, please do tell me.

Despite of all my indecisiveness, the amorous vibe had never been so intense at any other time of the year. So… let’s talk about love.

Wait…, what!?

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