This is Aini

An Indonesian suburban girl who recently graduated from faculty of Psychology.
In this blog, i am trying to interpret fashion in a way that people with low shopping budget, can’t bear wearing high heels for more than two hours, and only has half an hour to get ready in the morning can relate to.


connect with/contact me in :

hapsari.aini@gmail.com (e-mail) / Versatile Journal (bloglovin) / @ainihapsari (instagram)

2 thoughts on “About

  1. hey aini,
    i am a new blogger and your blog is sooooo inspiring. I’m a muslim hijabi and blogging is my passion. How do you find time to write posts with school and all that kind of stuff going on? i would love to get some advice from you .

    • Hi Safaa!

      First of all, i want to apologize because it take me so long to get back at you. It’s such an irony because i was so caught up in the middle of writing my thesis and just can’t seem to squeeze blogging in between. So there’s that.

      Anyway, i am very happy if you find my blog inspiring and would love to help you develop yours as well (even though at this point you might already find out that i am not the best at keeping every post on schedule). But if you’re still up for discussion or whatsoever, i would be happy if you would send me a link to your blog, or your e-mail, whichever you prefer :)

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