An Old Friend

white denim, blue denim jacket, white t-shirt, red lips, defined browsUnattended yet undeniably, is how fashion took parts in people’s life that even innocent-8-years-olds are affected. Not even slightly aware of the reccurence of the grunge trend, or that John Stamos rocked denim jacket when he was the coolest uncle on TV, or even the fact that Britney & JT as a couple once showed up on AMA wearing top to toe denim, and generally any other cause of early 2000’s denim craze, a girl asked her mother for a denim jacket. All she knew that it looked cool and that all her friend seems to own a pair.

and to give this whole narration a little more context : this is the story of yours truly.

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Ironically Dark

black top black leather skirt

While this, and this, might indicate that i am a member of black glorifying troop (with Emmanuelle Alt, Victoria Beckham and Sara Donaldson as possible comrades), i have far less experience in wearing black from top to toe compared to my experience in cramming as many words as possible in one single sentence. Continue reading


full-body side - Grey log cardigan, Grey jeans, black suede platform heels, grayscale

There’s an ambiguous quality of the shades that lies between white and black. Such quality that makes them complements every other colors, including those from their own kinds. So when the rest of all my black and white clothes are piling up in the laundry, i decide that it might be okay to stay in the limbo.

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Virtual Reality

half faceThere were days when i tumblred through the nights, and now i spend all day building a dream home upon a thousand home idea pins. For that reason, if only online hoarding was a paid job, i’d probably be rich.

Internet allows us to see places we never visited, collect clothes we never owned, hang out with celebs who never knew we were alive, and feel the moment we never experienced. Basically creating the life we never had. Although that life only lies within millions of codes in the virtual world, it feels satiating enough that we prefer to  sit in front of the monitor all day instead of actually make our way to it.

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Sweater All Year Long

aFew days a go, thanks to my friend Beatrix, i was able to attend one of the small event in Jakarta Fashion Week as her plus four. Given a chance to show up at such event where you can express your personal style –like half-shaving your head and dyeing your hair tangerine, or wearing outfit in the most  eye pricking colors– without getting any judgmental stare, i grasped the opportunity by wearing:


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First Outfit Post


It took me quite an awfully long time to finally come out with an outfit post. Although having no time and no worth-displaying-outfit being my main issue, to be honest, i just don’t want people i know in real life to talk about it (Yes, if you’re my friend from uni, or a family member, and you’re reading this, i’m talking to you). It’s just… i feel uncomfortable if someone i actually know come up to me  and say “haha! i read your blog yesterday!”.

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