First (noun/verb) of 2014

leather skirt, striped shirt, jeans jacket, guess, uniqlo, thrifted items

How do you function when you see thousands of colorful explosions in mid air? All i can do is stare with an open mouth and childish grin. Nope, i’m not even functioning enough to snap pictures for instagram (hashtag #happynewyear, #fireworks, #2014 — none of them).

Anyway… how was your first four days in 2014?

leather skirt, striped shirt, jeans jacket, guess, uniqlo, thrifted itemsleather skirt, striped shirt, jeans jacket, guess, uniqlo, thrifted itemsAs an unorganized-by-default, last year was the first time my annual “oh, let’s just see what will happen” got replaced by an actual new year resolution. Surprise, surprise! … it actually works and the result was quite rewarding. In fact, i may or may not be funding my own social foundations using profits from my multinational eco-friendly fashion brand by now if i start  making resolutions since i was five.

Okay, “earth to Aini”.

Aside from other personal goals, this year i set some versatile-journal-related goals which you can keep track of me about. Of course, if you may. I intend to make at least five DIY posts, and at least ten outfit posts this year (i suppose this would count as one, so nine more to go!) Remind me if i don’t, okay?

And isn’t the new year has the power to renew our spirit? Take any noun or verb and insert it to “First insert here in 2014″. Guaranteed, it gets several times more exciting. As for my “First outfit post in 2014″  i’m wearing thrifted finds from top to toe with pride. Speaking of that, in the very next post(s) i’ll spill everything i know about the wonder of rummaging through secondhand clothes. Doesn’t sound appealing to you? Until next post! ;)

Striped top : Pasar Senen
Denim Jacket : Vintage Uniqlo, Pasar Senen
Leather Skirt : Pasar Senen
Shoes : Unbranded
Watch : Vintage GUESS, Pasar Senen

17 thoughts on “First (noun/verb) of 2014

  1. Such a cute outfit!!! I love that leather skirt. I have one I’m super obsessed with right now… I’m always a huge advocate of goals… Always good for people to have a couple! SELAMAT TAHUN BARU!!!! :)

    • Thank you nisa! I know riiight? They are super great! Yes and i’m just starting to see how short term goals can actually works, better late than never right?

      and of course SELAMAT TAHUN BARU JUGA! <3

  2. I’m such a lazy so and so, concerning D.I.Y’s, I have plans to do them, but have never gotten round to doing ANY! All the best with your 5 D.I.Y’s ahead.

    Dig the leather skirt, I’m pretty much crushing on anything leather at the moment. Cheers and thanks a bunch for visiting! :)

    • Trust me! It happened to me too! I have to attempt all kinds of self control imaginable in order to really hit the target, and hopefully it will happen this year! And thank you of course, you’re so sweet :)

      Oh i do too! Just can’t find that much leather which looks good and suits my budget… if i did i might be wearing them form head to toe :p no problems at all! your blog is amazing :)

    • Aww thanks Julia :) must be because it’s leather isn’t it? I found myself recently really digging into leather items too. And thank you again for following!! I hope i’ll see you around then!!

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