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1As i am pursuing a wardrobe filled with essential pieces, i realized that some colors (or shade) are more versatile than the other. It also has been a continuing habit of mine to pile up clothes in a certain color (whichever my unconscious choose for me at that time). But never did i realized that this piling habit has gone severe until i receive a

“Gosh! it’s all black!!” -as quoted from my roommate as she witnessed me unloading clothes from my backpack. Which… by the way… was also black.

234567 & 8910 11121314151716So suppose here’s where i blabber about how magnificent this color/shade is. Do i really need to? What else should i explain about the mighty LBD, the one uniform element on model-off-duty style, and its miraculous slimming power? You already know all of that.

By the way, ever heard phrases like “(insert random color here like cobalt or mustard) is the new black”? Well, I can’t say i’m convinced. By putting ‘black’ as comparison to the so-called next-versatile-color-of-the-season, it implies that black overpowered them all the way. In the other hand, the mighty black has its own character, and has an ability to describes itself.

Black will forever be the new black, and your argument is invalid… or maybe here i am just just trying to rationalize the inability to undo the amount of black clothing i already have

and still, i have a pair of black booties and leather jacket on my wishlist.

But really, who’s with me?


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