Flawsome Love


Due to lack of information about its historical background, I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day. A brief research I did on that matter –on the first page of google search result, five seconds before I wrote this– didn’t do much of help either. So if anybody know what happened once-upon-a-time ago that makes people decide to go all lovey dovey on that particular date, please do tell me.

Despite of all my indecisiveness, the amorous vibe had never been so intense at any other time of the year. So… let’s talk about love.

Wait…, what!?

Before we start at all, please note : I am deep under influence of TED videos overdose. They make me feel like talking about life, love, self-growth, knowledge, and all of those grand awesome stuff. I’ll ditch the compulsive metallic items pinner, and Armie Hammer’s fangirl side of me for a moment. Now get to the point.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetcrack on the wall, windowsblemishes never really gonefrumpy rooftopMossy wallSneakers that will ever be perfectly whiteCracked WallFailed DIY products

By what seems to be random photos above i’m trying to represent something that we encounter through our life in so many forms, and so many names, one of them being : imperfections.

Like it or not, imperfections, flaws, and mistakes are what we’re made of. That might sound terribly negative to you, even though actually, it’s just a simple truth. The statement sounding negative in the first place might be the reason why our views on those things need a little tweaking here and there. Just like air, water, and food, imperfections are the important part of our lives. Okay, i’m annoyingly terrible at metaphor but to think again, we need it in order to grow. If anyone would wake up flawless like Beyonce said, Alexa Chung’s messy bob would never be cool in the first place. And just how dull the street style scene would be without some ripped jeans. See? Imperfection’s mere existence allow possibilities to grow, progress, advance, and makes life as dynamic as we know it.

As someone who study psychology, i found out since the first time that we will never get the absolute final conclusion, and that’s the nature of social studies. On every research we conducted for example, we need to measure how much error we have in it, and it is inevitable. But a research doesn’t need to be perfectly free from error in order to be successful. In fact, a flawed research will most likely prompt numerous related research in the future. Also, even though it’s certain that this science will not reach perfection, doesn’t mean that what we’re doing are meaningless. Before that, people did not even scratch the surface of the truth about human behavior.

The inevitability of flaws doesn’t need to be mourned, but rather, accepted as the natural part of our life. We can never be perfect but we can always be Flawsome (borrowed the term from one of ANTM episode, thanks Tyra!). Find our flaw, accept that we –and everything else in our life– have it, and work on it (note this, self!). At the end of the day, don’t you think imperfection deserves some love for the invention of rustic interior design, chocolate brownie, and sweatpants being back on trend?

So, yes my large forehead, my thin hair, walls with cracks and molds, frumpy rooftop, blemishes, sneakers that will never be perfectly white, and failed DIY projects, I LOVE YOU! Or at least i’ll try to…

I’m entering this writing to a contest. But considering that the main rules are “write about someone you love dearly” instead of “write about complicated intangible concept you’re trying to love” i might have violated it in every aspects. But now that the writing’s finished, it’s like another thing to go to my pensieve, and off my mind :D *inserting smiley face because i can*

Tomorrow (or several days after tomorrow) i’ll be back with the usual posts. Thank you for letting me share this imperfect piece of thoughts, and for that one last quote for you:

“You are imperfect and wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging” – Brene Brown

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26 thoughts on “Flawsome Love

  1. I was reading about something you mentioned earlier on my Psychology text book, how Science creates questions instead of answers, and it’s really interesting how we all are so focused on one point, that we don’t really see the other missing matters. It’s true that we really need to love ourselves, with all our imperfections, but of course it’s not always the easiest way out, especially in this era. All in all, your text really inspired me, thanks a lot. :)


    • I know it’s definitely not easy, i find it very difficult myself to just deal with my flaws instead of mourning it. This is something that i don’t think can come naturally, and need to be worked on.

      This article is mostly written as a self-note, but i am very glad if it inspires you even in the slightest way. You’re one of the people on the blogsphere whom i found always open for a discussion, and it’s always nice getting a feedback from you :) take care!!

  2. I think it might depend on what the flaw is. I wouldn’t want yellow teeth or bad breath but I agree that none of us are perfect in looks or character. We’d all be like the Stepford wives. Sometimes we need to love ourselves on purpose or embrace the things we can’t change. I have heard that low self esteem or self hatred stems from not having the affirmations from our parents when we were children but I’m no psychologist. Personally I think we are wired for love! Interesting post!

  3. This is lovely. Flaws and imperfections are part of what makes people and our lives special. It’d be so boring if everything was cookie-cutter. Admittedly, it can be tough to embrace your own imperfections but I think learning to do so is essential to accepting yourself as you are. Self-love for your flawsomeness is the way to happiness ;)

    xx, TT

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    • Yes! I can’t even stop watching videos after videos until like 3 am in the morning! And they’re just so inspirational and really fun to watch too! Not just like other videos we watch to get guilty pleasures :)

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