The “Shut up and do it” Agreement

I sign this agreement with the latest photo of myself

I hereby sign this agreement with the latest photo of myself

I’m known to make far too many plans. In fact, i’m great at making plans. But to actually execute it is a whole other story. I’m always, too tired, too distracted, too stressed-out, too broke, too busy –and too tangled in a lot other things but the plan itself. Sounds a lot like an excuse i know, because it actually is.

However, i figured that if i made a written form of said plans (and better yet publishing it), i’m left with no other choice but to do it. So as an attempt to tell myself to just “Shut up and do it” here are some things from my bucket list i’m going to get done by next year.

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tea plantation, puncak plateau, cisarua west java

To mark the end of the longest abandonment I’ve ever done to my blog,  firstly I must clarify that I am still breathing and alive.

Secondly, for the sake of your attention span, i’m going to cut the part where i explain how dementor-ish the sixth semester is, and skip along to my latest where-i-stands (beside the bermuda triangle of home-dorm-campus).

One morning last week, i wander around a tea plantation, pre-shower, sweating under the chunky knit i wore on such sunshiny morning, carrying no photography device better than a point-and-shoot camera several years behind the time, and no photographer better than my baby sister,

yet i regret nothing.

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“Umm…, that’s very nice Mom, but, you know… I don’t actually wear  jewelry”, was my first thought, when I received a dainty white gold bracelet –completed with tiny heart shaped pendants which induces me to purse my lips a la Miranda Priestly— as my 18th birthday present. Despite of passive-aggressively declaring “Mom, I would rather get myself another shoes than a fine jewelry”, i wore that bracelet anyway. And later, I have to admit that my mother indeed, knows best.

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Flawsome Love


Due to lack of information about its historical background, I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day. A brief research I did on that matter –on the first page of google search result, five seconds before I wrote this– didn’t do much of help either. So if anybody know what happened once-upon-a-time ago that makes people decide to go all lovey dovey on that particular date, please do tell me.

Despite of all my indecisiveness, the amorous vibe had never been so intense at any other time of the year. So… let’s talk about love.

Wait…, what!?

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A Tale Of a Bad Cook

So this is, my friend, is a story of how i always fail in cooking…

Just few moments a go, my mother asked me to help her cook for lunch, and i mess it up by adding too much salt. And that’s pretty much a picture of how my cooking experience has been this far. There will always be something that isn’t right.

Spaghetti bolognaise

nothing wrong with this spaghetti, it wasn’t bad neither delicious

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It’s Getting Serious…

image from here, edited by me

For the NYE i accepted my friend’s invitation, and it turns out to be something i don’t regret. Her little party (even if she wouldn’t agree to call it so) consisted of a very small group of friends, families, and huge amount of delicacies (barbecues, soups, fried potatoes, and various kinds of snacks just to name a few). We spent the last few hours of 2012 bundling up on a sofa, eating barbecues, chatting, eating fried potatoes, gossiping, eating cakes, laughing, and eating snacks. Basically, we just eat, a lot. Right before midnight her father ignited some fireworks, and we all watch as it burst out through the night sky. Even though, too bad, some of our other friends who were also invited couldn’t make it, over all it was pretty good.

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Pre-New Year Grumble

The past few weeks had me drowned in final exams, take-home tasks, and committee assignments. Not to mention a stress caused by a mistake at something which is unfortunately, under my responsibility. Long story short, it cost the committee twice as much the original budget, and for heavens sake i’m yet to find an idea how to cover it up.

For now though, i can finally say that i’ts all over, and i can see that for a month forward i’m going to be free! (well, sort of). Assuming that you can already sense it, yes, i’m making excuses for the two weeks absence of posts.

Yesterday, all the things in my ‘do’ list turned into ‘done’. First thing i did afterwards was running to my favorite craft supply store… just to found out that it was closed for the year end (Oh, the heartbreak…). And just like that, i packed all my (dirty) clothes at my room and went straight home.

Here’s a list of the things i was about to buy though…
1. Rope, preferably white and black by color, thick and medium by size,
2. Rhinestones, and more rhinestones,
3. Chunky chains, in gold, and silver,
4. Pyramid studs, a lot of it for my cousin and i.
I’ll get them all as soon as i come back to Depok! (puts on serious face)

As for new year’s eve, my friend has invited me to come along to her house. It does sounds fun, but   i’m still considering whether i’m going to come, because you know, i can be such a sloth sometimes, and her house is so far away from mine. But i don’t know, it’s just a whip away for spending a new year under the splendid night sky, with delightful dish, fireworks, and laughter.

how about you? what’s your plan for this new year’s eve?